This issue of Journal of Diversity and Gender Studies introduces some changes in the editorial team and in its publication format. As of September 2019, Ladan Rahbari and Tina Goethals have taken up the torch from Mieke Vandenbroucke as the new editors of DiGeSt.

This editorial change was simultaneous to DiGeSt’s transition into an open access journal. Our open access platform is made possible and supported by Ghent University’s OJS platform. DiGeSt has received support from the many amazing colleagues in the ICT department of Ghent University for which we are very thankful.

As we continue our publication journey, DiGeSt strongly believes in making research accessible to everyone regardless of their level and forms of academic affiliation across the world. For this, we have taken steps towards a fairer and more accessible format of distribution. By adopting the open access digital format, we will not require any publication fees from authors, nor subscription charges from our readers. The publications will also be accessible through the world wide web and open to all readers regardless of their affiliations. We are thus happy and optimistic about our commitment to research dissemination and breaking down paywalls in the academy.