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An Epidemic of Transphobia on French Turf

  • Éric Fassin (Université de Paris 8)


On September 22, 2022, a one-day international symposium took place in Rio de Janeiro: Epidemia de transfobia. This was actually a counter-event organized in response to another international event, Congresso Brazileiro de Transsexualidade, whose opening lecture, planned on the same day in Belo Horizonte, was entitled: A epidemia transgênero. This four- day conference was to close exactly a week before the Presidential election in Brazil, on October 2nd. Four years earlier, Jair Bolsonaro had used the homophobic fake news of a ‘gay kit’ allegedly distributed in schools to prevail over his opponent from the Workers’ Party, and anti-trans political rhetoric had since played an important role in his campaign against ‘gender ideology’. However, the transphobic conference was soon cancelled – probably due to widespread opposition, starting with that of the National Association of Travestis and Transsexuals (ANTRA). Still, the counter-event was maintained.

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Fassin, É., (2023) “An Epidemic of Transphobia on French Turf”, DiGeSt - Journal of Diversity and Gender Studies 10(2), 131-144. doi:

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Published on
11 Dec 2023