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Strange Bedfellows: Anti-trans Feminists, VOX Supporters and Biologicist Academics

  • Lucas R. Platero (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos)


In 2015 and 2016, Professor Esther Mayoko Arjonilla and I wrote two articles that demonstrated the absence of major conflicts between feminist and trans movements in Spain. We explained that since the democratic transition of the 1970s, Spanish feminism had been strongly committed to the sexual and reproductive rights of ‘women’, an inclusive category. This also applied to lesbians, though not without some internal struggles to claim that space (Pineda 2008). We hypothesized that lesbian feminist groups had been the necessary allies for the inclusion of trans women, often based on factors like personal friendship ties, and their leadership in addressing sexual rights (Platero & Arjonilla, 2015). Another key element was the overlap between the two movements in the feminist critique of the pathologization of women, in consonance with critiques of the psychopathologization of trans women.

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Platero, L. R., (2023) “Strange Bedfellows: Anti-trans Feminists, VOX Supporters and Biologicist Academics”, DiGeSt - Journal of Diversity and Gender Studies 10(2), 124-130. doi:

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Published on
11 Dec 2023