‘The Great Replacement’: Reproduction and Population Policies of the Far Right, Taking the Identitarians as an Example

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Judith Goetz (Universität Wien)

Published May 17, 2021


Starting point of this paper is a reconstruction of the key argumentation patterns the extreme right in the German-speaking countries use for supporting their reproduction and population policies. It will then continue with an analysis of relevant narratives, taking the far-right group of ‘Identitarians’ as an example, in particular their campagin Stoppt den Großen Austausch (‘Stop the Great Replacement’), which was initiated in 2014 by their Austrian chapter (IBÖ). Within the framework of a critical discourse analysis, I will investigate how the Identitarians have updated the key argumentation patterns of far-right reproduction and population policies, although basically they only modernized the language of decades-old ideas, and which role gender-specific aspects have played in this context.

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